lunedì 15 agosto 2011

The claw of the Conciliator - Gene Wolfe

Morwenna' face floated in the single beam of light, lovely and framed in hair dark as my cloak: blood from her neck pattered to the stones. Her lips moved without speech. Instead I saw framed within them (as though I were the Increate, peepin through his rent in Eterniy to behold the World of Time) the farm, Stachys her husband tossing in agony upn his bed, little Chad at the pond, bathing his fevered face.
Outside, Eusebia, Morwenna's accuser, howled like a witch. I tried to reach the bars to tell er to be quiet, and at once became lost in the darkness of the cell. When I found light at last, it was the green road stretching from the shadow of the Piteous Gate. Blood gushed from Dorcas's cheek, and though so many screamed and shouted, I could hear it pattering to the ground. Such a mighty structure was the Wall that it divided the world as the mere line between their covers does two books; before us now stood such a wood as might have been growing since the founding of Urth, trees as high as cliffs, wrapped in pure green. Between them lay the road, grown up in fresh grass, and on it were the bodies of men and women. A burning cariole tainted the clean air with smoke.
Five raiders sat destriers whose hooked tushes were encrusted with lazuilte. The men wore helmets and capes of indanthrene blue and carried lances whose heads ran with blue fire; their faces were more akin than the faces of brothers. On these riders, the tide of travelers broke as a wave on a rock, some turning left, some right. Dorcas was torn from my arms, and i drew Terminus Est to cut down those between us and found I was about to strike Master Malrubius, who stood calmly, my dog Triskele at his side, in the midst of the tumult. Seeing him so, I knew I dreamed, and from that knew, even while I slept, that the visions I had had of him before had not been dreams.

The claw of the Conciliator - Gene Wolfe

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